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EH&S system of MetaSeal roofing maintenance
上海荣拓实业有限公司  2015-12-30

Roofing maintenance construction belongs to the high-altitude climbing, is a big risk, each construction personnel must always bear in mind the personal safety, strict implementation of safe production responsibility system of construction and operation of the code.

To develop good construction habits is the most effective way to effectively avoid all kinds of accidents. As MetaSeal roofing maintenance construction personnel (including long-term, temporary, and all the outsourcing team of staff must be read carefully and strictly abide by the following EH&S environmental, health and safety of the construction principle.


(1) Before entering the construction site:

- Before construction, the construction team must once again accept safety training education and the corresponding assessment, qualified rear can carry out construction operation.

- We will arrange full-time security officer is responsible for the whole process of construction safety measures, ensure construction personnel not to make a dangerous action.

- Regularly buy accident insurance and personal project, to ensure that each construction personnel have enough security;

- Arrange the construction personnel physical examination.


(2) After entering the construction site:

 Abide by the rules and regulations of national laws and regulations, the construction unit, the need to wear safety facilities (safety shoes, safety helmets, safety belts, broadside protective glasses, fluorescence safety work clothes, gloves, etc.) must be strictly comply with the implementation.

-  Enter the factory, notice and observe all warning signs and signals and notice. Compliance with the proposed preventive measures, unknown to ask.

-  Enter the factory had prohibited fireworks; if need to smoke, must go to the designated smoking point.

-  To strengthen the safety education of all construction workers, strictly implement the responsibility system of safe production;

- The effective implementation of safety technical disclosure system;

(3) When climbing the ladder:

-  First, should ensure that the ladder is secure for defective ladders facilities should take relevant reinforcement measures, to ensure the secure premise ordered sequentially on the people.

- Think the ladder are unsafe, but also in the body of the safety rope; or have the right to refuse to climb the ladder on the roof construction.

- If  feel physically incapable (such as weakness, dizziness, fear or ill), don't try to implement work.

- Construction personnel prohibited roof construction drunk. Do not smoke as much as possible during construction on the roof.


(4) Material tools, garbage lifting:

 In lifting the ground must be someone monitoring site, lifting the standingperson is strictly prohibited in the area; to ensure safety, check whether the rigging damage, fixed position should be tied firmly, the roof sent a person to receive. Materials on the roof should be scattered pile up.

Will be prohibited on the roof of the garbage thrown directly, to prevent injury or harm to the surrounding environment. Advance will waste bags, barrels or bagging, sequentially ordered lifting or handling to the designated place.


(5) Roof construction walking:

- It is strictly prohibited to trample on the lighting board (fall and endanger life) or have no bearing capacity of the house panel.

- Roof walking should be in accordance with the provisions significantly (steel walkway) route, if there is no obvious regular route should be walking in the purlin parts. Sheet roofing should avoid trample on the crest (easy to step on the collapse).

- The limb operation within 2 meters must fasten the safety belt.

- Encountered in the arc or the risk of the roof, the construction staff to start to end all supporting the safety belt and lifeline.


(6) Construction accident emergency rescue:

 If the construction occurred during accidental injuries / casualties, fire, mechanical and other accidents, everyone should unite for emergency rescue of the wounded, promptly sent to the nearest hospital, and the first time to report the relevant management personnel.

 If the construction personnel during the construction period appear in violation of any law or discipline, or construction of violate the rules and regulations and do not listen to discourage the, should immediately stop the construction operation.

Safety is always the first point of enterprise!