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MetaSeal insulation coating decorating YKK roof
上海荣拓实业有限公司  2015-12-30

As our car needs regular maintenance, the building roof also need regular maintenance renovation, usually in a cycle of 5-8 years, so that the minimum cost can be minimized to solve the roof leakage / corrosion / damage / blockage / material aging and other issues, to avoid potential losses and risks, to maximize the use of the normal use of the building roof.

At the same time, through the roof of the overall maintenance of renovation, single customized insulation and water cooling solutions, without affecting the normal operation of the plant, you can reduce the roof temperature 5-10 degrees Celsius, not only can save a lot of energy consumption costs (such as electricity), reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also for the company to provide a more comfortable working environment for all employees to improve work efficiency.  


Located in Minhang Shanghai economic and Technological Development Zone YKK factory, a total roof area of 55000 square meters, has been used for more than 10 years. One of the 20000 square meters for the color steel roof system, the other for the construction of the roof covering SBS asphalt waterproof coiled material. In a few years ago, the factory has used different roofing waterproofing maintenance materials, and rolled on the above coated with a similar thermal insulation reflective coating materials, the maintenance effect is not ideal. The roof still exists local cracking / corrosion / component / membrane permeability Water Leakage aging hollowing problems.  


2014 YKK factory in the whole roof maintenance bidding process, after several rounds of fierce competition, PK the Japan and the United States and other well-known paint brand and the final selection of the MetaSeal heat reflective coatings (second generation) products. MetaSeal  insulation coating set integral waterproofing and thermal insulation energy-saving cooling / acid and alkali / long life / high elastic / good hiding power performance advantage, and good price and service team, winning.  

2014 before the district workshop roof overall maintenance refurbished, including surface cleaning and pretreatment, local waterproof strengthen maintenance (by MetaSeal metal roofing system), then the whole spraying 2 times MetaSeal, heat insulation and energy-saving coating, has fundamentally changed. The roof is divided into 20000 square meters and 10000 square meters of roof, roof construction. MetaSeal roofing maintenance construction team, the quality and quantity of progress, the successful completion of the construction task of roof maintenance. The result is to deliver the goods, roof are best protected, create value for customers.  

Through a full year of practice, the maintenance of the roof of the North plant is very good, to achieve the desired effect of maintenance and renovation. This year's maintenance plan of the material is no longer bidding, owners directly selected MetaSeal energy-saving thermal insulation coatings, of South workshop roof and the central workshop roof maintenance renovation, a total of 25000 square meters.

Index: MetaSeal, professional working in various types of roofing waterproof heat insulation anti-corrosion maintenance renovation, especially industrial plant maintenance refurbishment. 11 years, accumulated a lot of construction experience and lessons, we are very willing to share their experience with you. Also hope that with the business partners in reaching a consensus on the basis of the common bigger and stronger. At the same time creating value for customers to solve problems, to achieve a win-win and win-win situation.