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MetaSeal won many insulation large orders
Edward Gu  2014-09-06


With the climate warming and the country nearly 40 degrees Celsius continuous high temperature, we will face the high temperature baking. Even if we will rise to the largest air-conditioning, indoor will still sweltering. The development trend in the construction of energy-saving, energy-saving insulation roof is also an important part of. For the construction of energy-efficient and anti sun warming and reflected the water-based roofing heat professional paint compounded heat reflective coatings -- MetaSeal


second generation products, the quality USA DOW roof special raw material, supplemented by imports of microporous insulation material has excellent thermal insulation, cooling effect, good bonding properties, green environmental protection, convenient construction, long service life more than 20 years.


Has applied in many projects, and to help customers through the USA LEED green building certification, obtained the customers alike. Recently, MetaSeal energysaving insulation products, and to undertake a few large projects, such as the YKK Shanghai YKK zipper Co., Ltd., more than 20000 square meters of old roof renovation, through strict screening rounds of bidding, MetaSeal energysaving insulation coating and ultimately to the brand image and price good, defeated a Japanese brand and another American brands of similar products, in practical application,




MetaSeal insulation products not only can be used in color steel roof / concrete roof, but also the direct spray / roller in the original SBS asphalt roofing and toughened glass, an important part of the excellent performance of a wide range of applicationsis also MetaSeal products. Such as the recently completed the construction of the FLUKE Shanghai Shilu Instrument Co., roof renovation project, the roof structure is complex, all kinds of conditions, such as the narrow valley do waterproofing, roof panel rust rotten wear, SBS asphalt waterproof coiled material aging,civil and steel structure composite roof. We have complete roofing maintenance renovation process, covering there build, anticorrosion, waterproof, thermal insulation and energy saving system of comprehensive transformation of the old roof, take on an altogether new aspect, but also the continuation of last 10 years.



In addition, another in Pudong the world's top 500 enterprises -Schneider Electric's roof renovation project, MetaSeal mesa with its roof waterproof / insulation / antiseptic, comprehensive renovation scheme was eventually recognized by customers, more than 10000 square meters of the roof has become a green "cold roof" energy-saving case.




MetaSeal roofing maintenance products except in popularization and application in domestic, overseas market also favored by customers. At the end of Apr., we have a number of MetaSeal insulation energy conservation paint across the ocean, freight to Africa Tanzania construction market.