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MetaSeal is the first choice of Caterpillar and Prologis
Edward Gu  2013-04-11

MetaSeal metal roof waterproof system, introducing from America’s advanced technology o has been pushing into domestic market for 9 years.  We believe” integrity, professional, service”as our corporation culture and conscientiously serve every customer, establish excellent projects, accumulate experiences and lessons, maintain good relationship with customer and add value to our customers.

Roof waterproofing is a tiresome work. It may bring long-term annoying negative effects to the building if it’s not handled correctly, but this part accounts for slight share in the total construction cost.  Metaseal, famous for its eco-friendly ,high-quality, high cost-performance, over-1o years durability , is getting more and more popular to all walks of construction industry ( building owner, general contractor, designer, steel-structure corporation, project supervisor,ect.) We also expand our application from reparative maintainance to preventive maintainane to help maximum value to the customers

As the leading company in logistics industry- GLP  has many steel-structure building throughout China. Metaseal is their first choice to apply in roof maintainance. We have served many of their plants in different places throughout China, such as , Shanghai ,Suzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenyang.

Caterpillar, as the leading company in engineering machinery, also prioritize Metaseal as their roof maintainance solution provider, We have served many of their plants in, Tianjin, Qinzhou, Suzhou, Wujiang, Shanghai.
All these examples reveal Metaseal is wining more and more customer’s trust for our corporation culture-“ integrity, professional, service.”