MetaSeal Classic Roof waterproofing system


The product is an elastic multi-functional special-purposed waterproof coating, matching polyester fabric with high extention to enhance its function, and is environmental protection. It is suitable to surface of various kinds of base material, and can solve all leaking problem of metal roof completely. Moreover, the product is very strong in cohesion and weather ability, its service life will be as long as 25 years. This system is fit for not only new-built roof but maintenance and restoration of all old roofs.


Application scope:

This product system is suitable to waterproof, heat insulation of various kinds of metal/concrete roof such as waterproof posts, for instance, lap seam, gutter, roof light/lighting belt, ventilation base, gable flashing, rivet, etc. especially for gutter, it is also fit for anti-rust and anti-corrosion of metal roof to ensure long-term protection.



- Product: environmental protection, no harm to human and construction environment

- Good elasticity with more than 300% in extention rate, extending under the situation of expanding with heat and contracting with cold 

- To keep excellent function up to +200°and -50°degree in environment; 

- Strong cohesion: good performance on surface of various kinds of solid material;

- Resisting chemical corrosion: strong ability to resist acid and alkali;
- The coating has good waterproof and ventilation function;
- Convenient construction and quick dry.


Procedures for constructions:

1. To check and cleanse the surface to do work before construction, and remove the old waterproof coating layer to the greatest extent.
2. Then to brush MetaSeal waterproof coating and insert the polyester fabric when surface is still wet, and make polyester fabric smooth with no bubble and ripple, to brush waterproof coating again to make the fabric wet completely and then wait for it completely dry.
3. To check all painted areas again, and repair it in time if there is some flaw.
4. To brush one or two-layer anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging MetaSeal heat insulation coating again.
5. To clear construction site and relating articles, and inform the related person to check and accept.
6. To maintain the construction zone three to five days to reach the ideal goal.

Note: as cause and leaking of each roof is different, we advise you to employ a professional to check the roof and provide you a detailed technical program according to the concrete situation

Project photos:


For overlapped by ridge

For skylight/roof boardingFor connector of exhausted duct
For joint between plate & concreteWaterproofing work of skylightFor leather bag pedestal base
Rainshed eaves/pull rod gutteWaterproofing work of nailFor ventilation base
Waterproofing work of gutterFor fence and blind window

For grass & aluminium base

Waterproofing work of parapet capWaterproofing work of gutter

For high-low gable flashing