MetaSeal Waterproofing Frabric


This product is a high-grade polyester cloth woven, and all kinds of high grade waterproof coatings, especially metal roofing waterproof field, which belongs to a special waterproof cloth,

it can be said that the current waterindustry the best reinforced cloth. Complete the product infiltrates and waterproof coating, film dries to form a whole seamless waterproof

coating, long service life of 25 years. There are 112CM, 26CM, 20CM, 16CM, 12CMconventional width, can also according to customer needs size cutting.

Application scope:

This product is our company according to the characteristics of all kinds of waterproofing, professional custom products, 

as MetaSealwaterproof coating system supporting product use. 

For example: roofing, basement, ground,pool, tunnel and other kinds of waterproof engineering.


- Environmentally friendly green products, no harm to human health and the environment;

- The excellent tensile strength, not by the structure of the telescopic structure and fracture;

- The itself has certain waterproof performance;

- The corrosion resistance to acid and alkali and other chemical substances;

- The overall good waterproof performance, no joint construction;

- The construction is simple, flexible cutting;

Procedures for constructions:

 1, check and clean the painting area base, ensure the base firmly, dry, no oil, try to get rid of the old coating.

2, the first, brush a MetaSeal waterproof coating or Vennytex integration waterproof coating, the still wet, 

the MetaSeal waterproof polyester cloth embedded in them, with a rush, do not wrinkle, no bubbles, and  then brush 

MetaSeal waterproof coating or Vennytex integration waterproof coating, waterproof polyester cloth fully saturated, and the whole stem.

3, and finally to brush a mesa waterproof coating or Vennytex integration waterproof coating.

4, check all painted parts, if flawed, timely repair.


Note: for every roof, walls and other repair project, building structure, substrate permeability Water Leakage degree 

are not the same, according to the specific site conditions, viewed by the professionals, to provide a copy of the technical scheme is better.

Project photos: