MetaSeal Cool-Roofing Insulation System


Waterborne heat-reflective coating designed for building energy conservation and for prevention of temperature-rising under the merciless sun, using imported cell insulation material and fine pure acrylic emulsion from USA, featured outstanding insulation and environment protection. It is also applicable to surface of base material for needing insulation protection, and much better to surface of metal. This product is very good in cohesion, and anti-ultraviolet radiation and anti-aging, and could be used as long as 15 years in service life.


Application scope:

MetaSeal reflecting heat insulation coating (the second generation) is applicable to big area of process in heat insulation and energy conservation for metal, concrete roof/wall, this system is also suitable to new-built roof, especially to maintenance and restoration to various kinds of old roof. 


1)  Waterborne coating: environmental protection, no harm to human and natural environment;
2)  High reflection rate: reflect over 84% of sunray;
3)  Building energy conservation: reduce cost of air-conditioner, ventilation and cooling, lower danger level;
4)  Strong cohesion: good performance in surface of various kinds of solid material;
5)  Resisting chemical corrosion: strong ability to resist acid and alkali
6)  Protecting building: help to prevent break of building materials from expanding with heat and contracting with cold caused by weather;
7)  Convenient construction; roller coating, flame plating or brush coating is OK, quick dry.


Procedures for constructions:

1)  To check and clean surface, to remove metal rust and then to brush anti-rust paint before construction if there is metal rust; greasy dirt should be cleansed with cleaner;
2)  The surface must be stable, dry and clean, if the roof needs waterproof and maintenance, we advise you to use MetaSeal waterproof system for roof to maintenance.
3)  To cover the surface unnecessary to heat insulation area, then to spray with airless spraying in big area or roll two or three layer of MetaSeal reflecting heat insulation coatings (the second generation) until the layer is even and well-distributed, it is estimated that the time interval for the second/third layer of painting is when the surface is dry to walk on it. 
4)  To check all painted areas, and to repair it if there is some defect;
5)  To clear construction site and relating articles, and inform the related person to check and accept.

Note: as the requirement of energy conservation and cooling, of structure of room is different, so we advise you to employ a professional to check and provide you a technical program referring to the concrete situation.

Project photos:

Roofing Maintenance with MetaSeal Insulation Coatings: under the situation of normal production, we could provide you individually-tailored solutions on heat insulation and cooling according to buildings of your factory, which cool the roof substantially, not only saving cost of so many costs but providing better working environment, thus improving working efficiency.

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