MetaSeal Anti-Rust/ Antisepticised System


MetaSeal anti-rust, anti-corrosion primer for special purpose, a kind of developed- specially product referring to metal roof, is applicable to various kinds of metal roof, gutter, fastener, nail, holder as metal structure, an exclusive product for maintaining and restoring old roof.


Application scope:

The coating is suitable to anti-corrosion protection for various kinds of steel-structured roof, large-scale steel structure, basin, chemical vessel, pipeline, water pipe, container, road facilities, etc. in natural environment. 


1)  Paint film is dry quickly, hard but flexible;
2)  Excellent adhesion to fasten metal plates firmly;
3)  Resisting oil contamination, anti-corrosion of chemical dust/liquid, acid and alkali.
4)  To ensure isolation between corrosion and current environment, even if the fundamental plane is bad but performance of coating good.
5)  The primer could be used with coating together to form a complete set of painting, normally, its service life should be as long as 15 years.


Procedures for constructions:

1)  To check and cleanse surface to make it clean, dry and stable;
2)  To pour curing agent with certain mating rate into host vessel, then to mix them completely, and and then to keep the mixer motionlessly for 3-5 minutes. 
3)  To choose brush or spray one or two layer of MetaSeal anti-rust and anti-corrosion primer, or supplement some mating paint thinner according to the weather or Mucosity of primer, and the thinner is not over 10% in quantity normally.
4)  We advise you to spray one or two layer of MetaSeal reflecting heat insulation coating as surface treatment, thus resisting UV and corrosion obviously, and insulating the heat and conserving energy simultaneously.

Note: as rust or corrosion and damage cause of each roof is different, we advise you to employ a professional to check the roof and provide you a detailed technical program according to the concrete situation.

Project photos:

Weida Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd. --- Integrated pattern for anti-rust, waterproof and heat insulation maintenance and restoration


P1: Rust severely on the factory roofP2: To remove the rust by hand in order to water roof in this polished areaP3: To brush MetaSeal anti-corrosion coating 
P4: Anti-rust pattern after constructionP5: Spray two-layer MetaSeal reflecting heat insulation coatingP6:  Appearance after whole integrated maintenance