Clear Waterproofing coating For Villa


The product is high-tech transparent waterborne coating which is used to protect building, featuring colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, environmental protection, strong cohesion and seamless construction, which could solve the leaking problem of various kinds of ceramic, marble, etc.


Application scope:

This coating is colorless and transparent, widely used in waterproof protection for surface of face brick of outer wall, marble, granite, masonry, Brocatelle Stone, porcelain tile, mosaic, natural stone, concrete, etc.


1)  Environment protection product, no harm to human body and environment;
2)  To penetrate into pore and lap seam of ceramic and marble, and form tight protection layer in internal material to waterproof and ventilation;
3)  To resist UV and adhere to dust, excellent self-clean function, which make the building keep the original appearance;
4)  To prevent glazed tile and stone material aging to prolong the service life;
5)  Excellent waterproof function and seamless construction;
6)  Convenient construction to brush, roll and spray.

Procedures for constructions:

1)  To check and cleanse surface to ensure it stable, seamless and no hole.
2)  To use V-shaped scraper knife to dig the seam area, and then pour the waterproof pulp into this area, and one or twice repetition on defective position.
3)  To clear the stripping area and pour into the pulp to make it smooth, and supplement ceramic, then brush one or twice waterproof pulp in the seam.
4)  To spray or roll waterproof transparent coating twice or three times to the leaking area twelve hours later. 
5)  To check all brushed position and repair it if there is defective.

Note: As base material, structure or leaking situation of each roof is different, we advise you to employ a professional to check the roof and provide you a detailed technical program according to the concrete situation.

Project photos: