Waterproofing Coating For Exterior Wall


Common coating for outer wall is used to decorate and protect the surface only, but not to solve the leaking problem in some extent. This product combines decoration, protection and waterproof into an integrity systematically, featuring excellent anti-mold, and conceal small crack of surface, thus solving problems caused by leaking water of outer wall.


Application scope:

This coating is suitable to waterproof, decoration and protection for outer wall of various kinds of concrete and brick-built building. The system is not only applicable to newly-built construction, but used widely in maintenance and restoration of old roof. 


1)  Environmental protection, no harm to human and natural environment;
2)  Good elasticity, to conceal trivial seam of wall and extend along with seam;
3)  15 years in service life, 8-year in quality guarantee period
4)  ”waterproof and ventilation”, self-crosslinkable- type molecular structure;
5)  Long-term anti-acid, anti-alkali and mould-resisted ability;
6)  Convenient construction, to brush and roll easily.

Procedures for constructions:

1)  To check and cleanse the surface to ensure it stable, smooth and seamless. PH value and moisture content both are less 10. 
2)  To brush a layer of anti-alkali primer on the processed surface to make it even and smooth, and the painted surface will be dry within 12 hours naturally.
3)  To brush two or three layers of highly elastic waterproof coatings for outer wall when the primer is dry.
4)  To check all painted position and repair it in time if there is defective.

If the program is referred to restoration of old roof, its construction steps are listed as the following(generally)

1)  To cleanse the wall, remove unstable and peeled things on the wall; clear away grease/oil, pitch or other residues on the wall.
2)  To repair seam with waterproof pulp;
3)  To brush two or three layers of highly elastic waterproof coating for outer wall.

Note: as base material, coarse situation, building structure and leaking of each outer wall (restoration) is different, we advise you to employ a professional to check the roof and provide you a detailed technical program according to the concrete situation

Project photos: