Restoration System For Old Water-proof Reeling Material


Pitch waterproof reeling material (also named APP/SBS) is a used-widely waterproof material, adopted hot-melt coating on cement roof, this material is priced RMB 30-60 according to different quality level. APP/SBS in quality could be guaranteed within 3-4 years, but in average quality be 3-4 months, moreover, the more it is repaired, the more it is difficult to find out the exact leaking position. 

The shortcoming of this material: water will flow anywhere and it is difficult to repair the leaking area if water penetrates into the reeling material, moreover, the old reeling material is cleansed completely in order to cover new waterproof coating with much more cost when meeting with construction problem or natural aging. On the contrary, waterproof coating is liquid which could be constructed seamlessly, cohering with surface strongly after solidification and featuring waterproof, ventilation and elastic flexible waterproof. Its maintenance cost (some area only) is very low although the cost of original construction is higher, so it is the good choice from the point of long-term use.   

Shanghai Rongtuo Industry Co., Ltd. Is a professional service company majored in roof maintenance and restoration, and keeps goods cooperation relationship with other major construction institutions by providing goods service. According to integrating various kinds of new-functioned construction material with technique, we try our best to solve problem completely based on construction experience for many years and real maintenance situation of building. 

Application scope:

For different old waterproof reeling material, such as APP/SBS, TPO, EPDM.


1)  Environmental protection, no harm to human and natural environment;
2)  Good anti-crack performance, stretch along with crack, an elastic waterproof coating;
3)  The service life is as long as 15 years, six-year quality guarantee period;
4)  Excellent mould proof and anti-algae;
5)  Excellent waterproof as the whole, seamless in construction;
6)  Convenient construction, easily brush or roll coating. 

Procedures for constructions:

The following is a refernce project case:

Construction step:
1)  To cleanse completely the old reeling material, sewage or adhesive residue, etc. 
2)  To clear the surface and remove cavity or crowning, then to repair with cement cement mortar;
3)  To wash dust and trash on cement surface and to dry in the sun;
4)  To pour cement mortar into smooth ponding area;
5)  To brush a thin layer of waterproof pulp as seperation in advance to enhance the rigidity;
6)  To use waterproof coating and polyester fabric together to consolidate some areas such as corner, water inlet, roof, etc.
7)  To do waterproof treatment in different area for the whole roof in order to ensure not to leak within five years, say, to brush three- layer of pulp and one- layer of polyester fabric. 
8)  To check the roof each two or three years to keep good waterproof function, and to maintain or repair the defective area if there is.

The coating is proved, through experiencing severe weather test, that the effect of whole maintenance is good, which solve the potential trouble and is highly appraised by our clients.

Project photos:

  P1: Remove old reeling material  P2: Cleanse surface and dry it  P3: Application Before (A building)  P4: Application After (A building)
  P5: Application Before (B building)  P6: Application After (B building)  P7: Application Before (B building)  P8:  Application After (B building)
  P9: Application Before (C building)  P10: Application After (D building)  P11:  Application Before (D building)  P12: Application After (D building)