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How to protect building is involved in so many factors such as design, construction, material, weather and geographic environment, etc., facing so many problems, for example, leaking, rust, aging and distortion and so on, we should analyze cause completely, and find out what the problem is, and then adopt the best technology, material and tool to optimize according to situation and requirement of client, in order to solve the problem completely and create value for client, thus keeping the formal use of building to the greatest extent. 

We promote our solution referring to defective, and we carry out every promise seriously, we provide better technology and service to guarantee construction based on construction standard and quality acceptance standard of MetaSeal, complied with EH&S system of our own company and client.

  Owning senior professional technicians and engineers, and providing scientific service and complete set of product.
  To provide solution to client or constructed institution referring to problem, according to actual situation of building, environment and weather. 
  To provide consultancy of construction technology and solve technological problem, and monitor construction quality in the whole process of construction according to different requirements from cooperation partners.
  To provide preprocessing solution of surface according to construction design and actual surface.