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MetaSeal, as one of famous brands of waterproof coatings, is used widely in domestic markets to provide fine product and good service for our clients. We all develop and grow in strength by cooperating with business partner with the same business opinion, of course, many partners are high-valued brands themselves. We all cooperate each other and develop business together on the basis of reaching agreements. So we will reach the win-win or multi-win goal when we provide product and service.

We believe that one brand depends on honesty and expertise for long-term development, and each perfect construction.

If you decide to create a new profit growth point of waterproof/anti-rust and maintenance/restoration of roof, and change marketing shortcoming to marketing advantage, although you have a large-scale company;  

If you have already made/are going to make much more profit on building maintenance market, especially on steel-structured building maintenance market;

Welcome to cooperate with Rongtuo company to check if this company is what you need.

We hunt our cooperation partner with the following requirements:

1)  To accept the value of Rongtuo: be honest to create value and sustainable development for client;
2)  Be familiar with the relating fields such as steel-structured building design, fabrication, construction and maintenance, etc., own enough achievements and interpersonal relationship.
3)  Be familiar with building waterproof construction market and own experiences and interpersonal relationship;
4)  Own a regular company & a professional construction team; 

5)  Good cash flow;

As the business partner, Rongtuo will provide you technology and marketing support, valuable expertise and immediate communication to keep your development and vested interest.